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Robb Report and Nosotros Tequila present a unique pairing:

An ultra-premium blend of highland and lowland agave, aged in white oak, matched with a dark and exotic rustic chocolate that together creates an exquisite taste combination. Presented with a pair of elegant lowball glasses, it’s all you need for the ultimate nightcap.




Nosotros Madera:  The name Madera, means "wood" in English, which encompasses our appreciation for the fragility of an era - as time is not promised, it is important to celebrate that which comes with age. Nosotros Madera is aged for 21 months in white-oak barrels to bring out the depth and intensity of the wood. It’s best paired with dark chocolate to highlight the notes of dried fruit, nuts, butterscotch, and the balanced cinnamon toffee finish. Each bottle of Madera includes a unique batch number and is presented in an engraved box and stand, perfect for adding to a true aficionado's shelf. 


Glasses: These 8 oz. lowball glasses have crystal-clear clarity that enhances the presentation to elevate any drink to a higher level of sophistication. These glasses are co-branded for Robb Report and Nosotros.


Chocolate: Chocolate Naive Rough-Ground Rustic Dark Chocolate 75%

Sub-tropical nights are so exceptionally dark!
As you cannot see anything at all, other senses sharpen: you can hear more clearly and smell more intensely.
Chocolate Naive’s artisanal Rough-Ground Rustic Dark Chocolate 75% has fruity, nutty, and honey notes, perfectly complementing the liquid in your glass.

Ingredients: specialty cacao, sugar, cacao butter.

Everything You Need For a Nightcap

Perspective, wisdom, experience - many good things come with age.

Robb Report and Nosotros are delighted to present another: a tequila with time on the clock and flavor in the bottle.

Drink, eat, and be happy. Here's to you. 

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Founded in 2017, Nosotros became the winner of the San Francisco World Spirit Competition, claiming the "World's Best Tasting Tequila" title just a few months after joining the marketplace with Nosotros Blanco. Nosotros is centered around creating unforgettable and authentic experiences with loved ones. Nosotros values community, quality, heritage, taste, and fine design, all leading to luxurious experiences with loved ones.




Robb Report is the leading voice in the global luxury market. Its discerning audience around the world has a shared appreciation and desire for quality, exclusivity, heritage, taste, and fine design. It is the brand the most successful people rely on to discover the ideas, opinions, products, and experiences that will matter most to them. Robb Report is synonymous with affluence, luxury, and the best of the best. Robb Report: Luxury Without Compromise.


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