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How to: Serve Up the Gift of Tequila

If you’re wondering how you could possibly need a How To on giving the gift of tequila, we get it – that’s a tough one to mess up. Even so, we mulled it over and in the spirit of giving, we’re giving you our team’s compilation of pro tips that are sure to land you extra holiday points with everyone on your list. To make it even more fun, we divided these tricks into a multi-course meal of sorts, just because we can. Inquire within…

Appetizer: A little warm up It’s been said that stockings lose their luster with age, but we’re bringing the thrill of trinkets back with Nosotros minis – the cutest way to get your sip on. Nothing against ankle socks and chapstick, but we think this one might actually do the job if you’re looking to start the morning off on the right side of the tree.

The Main Event Good things may come in small packages, but when it comes to giving the gift of tequila, the bottles are simply better when BIGGER. So for your main course, we’d recommend the full-sized 750ml – and for more reasons than just having more Nosotros.

Reason #1: Reposado. While our Blanco has had the spotlight ever since it’s run as a Double Gold spirit and the Best Tasting Tequila winner at the SF World Spirits Competition, many can’t deny the lure of an aged expression during the holidays. And ours really does take the cake. We aged our award-winning formula in french oak barrels for 11 months, giving it a smooth, vanilla aroma finished by a balanced honey-cinnamon twist. However, it only comes in one size – so unfortunately, you’ll have to settle for a full serving.

Reason #2: What’s better? On these normal size Nosotros bottles, we even made room for the apex of the art of giving… PERSONALIZATION. The back of our bottle showcases a blank canvas for the most memorable of notes or drawings, perfect to express yourself to the lucky recipient. For the best final product, we recommend using an artistically appropriate brush pen.

Side Dishes: Complementary Perfection Once you’ve got your lead dialed in, how do you introduce supporting roles without them stealing the show? The key is knowing your audience – and if they’re deserving of such a special gift, we presume you do. Use the list below to identify your target and leave the rest to us.

For Her (The Margarita Mama)

Whether she’s an actual mom or just a margarita mama in your life, she’s probably thinking about her next spicy one. Help her do it right.

Bad and Boujee - Eve Coupe Cocktail Glass

Keep it Classic - Glory Margarita Glass

For Him (Call me New Fashioned)

As sweet as it is, he needs to stop drinking premium tequila out of his “Best Dad” mug.

Just a taste - Neat Smoke Tasting Glass

On the Rocks - Brixton 12 Ounce Rocks Glass

For the Socialite

Did someone say party?

The House Favorite - Wood and Marble Bar Tool Set

Still Got It - Another Round Shot Glass and Stand

For the Outdoors Person

Help them get their two essentials in for the day: sunlight and tequila.

It's Called Balance - Corkcicle 25oz Canteen Glampagne

For you, but Really for Us - Yeti Hopper Flip 12 Cooler

Epilogue: Presentation

Any proper chef would agree that your meal shouldn’t just taste great, it should look great too. So, to wrap things up, here are some of our chosen presentation inspirations.

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