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How to: Host a Trendy Friendsgiving

The holidays are coming up, and that means dinner party season is upon us. Here at Nosotros, we love to bring people together, creating spaces where we can connect, have fun, and eat well. Here are a few tips, tricks, and recipes from the Nosotros team to elevate your annual Friendsgiving get-together.

The first step to an immersive Holiday is the decorations; decor can make or break an atmosphere and set the tone of your party, even before your guests sit down to eat. Our style is what we like to call “minimal-ish”. Simple decor in neutral shades with accent pieces that reflect the season are, in our opinion, what keep the holiday traditions alive and IN. For place settings, these tree ring placemats and “thankful” napkin rings are great details that keep things classy and festive. For a centerpiece, glass pumpkins are an eye-catching, but simple way to bring the fall theme to the table – plus, they can be used in many ways. Let them stand on their own, or put some candles or fairy lights inside for an added touch.

Now, the most important part of any dinner party – the food. Even at Friendsgiving, we can’t mess with the Thanksgiving classics, but we do like to spice things up with the starters and sides. Plus, what millenial group doesn’t stay health-concious year round? Making this roasted pumpkin hummus will be a hit appetizer, and this vegetable quinoa soup is a delicious and healthy way to start the meal. Once you’re ready for dessert, we recommend trying this chocolate bread pudding alongside your pumpkin pie – trust us, you won’t regret it.

Of course, no Friendsgiving dinner party is complete without some delicious drinks. Our Nosotros Tequila Toddy is the perfect fall cocktail – easy to make and easy to enjoy. Mix up a few to take your crafty drink game to a new level.

NOSOTROS TEQUILA TODDY Infusion: – 1 bottle of Nosotros Reposado – 5 cinnamon sticks – 1 heaping tablespoon cloves – 3 vanilla beans – Add to bottle and soak for 48 hours, agitating occasionally. Cocktail: – 2oz Infused Nosotros Reposado – .25oz apple cider vinegar – .75oz simple or honey syrup – Squeeze of one lemon slice – Add to a mug, top with 3-4oz of boiling water, and stir. – Add a cinnamon stick and enjoy!

We’re excited for the holidays, and hope you are too. This is a time of year to reflect and celebrate all the joys of life. Everyone here at Nosotros is so grateful we get to do what we do, and want to celebrate it in the best ways possible. We hope you find some inspiration for your fall dinner parties here – share yours with us on social using #tomaconnosotros! Pura vida and Happy Thanksgiving, Nosotros Club.

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