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A Boozy Brunch With Nosotros and Friends

Written by: Tom Sullivan

On a Sunday morning in October we gathered in Venice, California to do what we love most spend time and share tequila with friends. Our event with Venice Breakfast Club and Little Lunch was about supporting local brands, bringing the community together, and simply enjoying life here in Southern California.

Guests arrived at 10:30 am to Little Lunch Coffee and Snacks. They stepped into the private event space (Big Lunch), where DJ Roxi Summers was already bringing the good vibes. The first order of business was a welcome drink: The Coco Cold Brew Con Reposado.

Next, the guests were treated to a Nosotros tasting with our events magician, Morgan. They tasted each of our expressions: Blanco, Repo, and Mezcal, while learning the distinct notes and history of each juice. After that, well, it was past time for another cocktail: The Mermaid Lemonade.

With everyone feeling good, brunch was served, courtesy of Greenleaf Venice. Attendees enjoyed breakfast burritos, sandwiches, and of course, their third and final cocktail of the morning: Char Truce.

After brunch, it was time to wind down. Attendees mingled with vendors as they decided whether it was time to head home, or head a couple blocks down to Gran Blanco for another Nosotros cocktail. As they left, each guest received a goodie bag. They all asked us the same question on the way out: “When’s the next one?”

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