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Madera 'Wood' in English encompasses our appreciation for the fragility of an era- as time is not promised, it is important to celebrate that which comes with age. 


The Nosotros Madera collection is an ultra-premium line of unique expressions of our tequila. Drawing on the signature Nosotros tequila blend of highland and lowland agave, Madera is aged in white oak barrels for 21 months, creating a sipping experience that features a dry fruit and light butterscotch nose with a balanced cinnamon- toffee finish. Each bottle of Madera includes the unique batch number and is presented in an engraved box, perfect for adding to a true aficionado's shelf. 



Our path to Madera began with a lightning bolt—a simple, but thrilling idea. Like all good things, it began with friends gathered around in the day's last light, a bottle and a couple glasses at hand, building off of each other's stories. One of those stories, our award-winning blanco distilled from fully mature highland and lowland agaves, felt ripe for a next chapter, for a new relationship with the land. So we decided to ask ourselves where it could go next.  We knew that it wouldn't stray too far—that we'd age it on the same land and with the same hands that we always had—but we knew it could go even deeper. In expression. In time. In the volcanic red soil of Jalisco. And as with everything we've done so far, we knew that our signature blend of patience, meaningful relationships, and a tolerance for risk could help get us there.  Which is not to say that we left it all up to chance. Guided by the hands of Maestra Tequillera Citlali Ovalde, one of the first and only female Master Distillers in Jalisco, we began to make choices that, though subtle in present tense, would prove significant with the passing of time. That meant selecting white oak barrels, as opposed to the conventional red, in pursuit of softer, sweeter notes. It also meant going under the soil, quite literally, where the region's swinging moods—stretches of cool heavy rainfall bookended by hot arid months—could be tempered, but not ignored.  Like building a relationship, the next months required attention and care—turning the barrels bi-weekly, gently acknowledging and recording the changes taking place all the time as they breathed, waiting for a moment that really sang. Nothing but time and wood and an attentive eye were added.  Even so, there were factors we will never account for. No two years map out the same course, even in a cave below the hillside, and there was no telling what the barrels would give to the juice. The process required an acceptance of the passing of time.  Then the moment came. At 21 months, longer than most añejos are allowed, we found something that spoke both to its source and to the quiet, still moments that defined the aging process. There were no sparks or crackling of wood to signal that we'd arrived. The changes expressed themselves in an amber color that seemed to glow in the daylight, a rich dry fruit and light butterscotch nose, a balanced cinnamon-toffee finish. If all that time and rain and sun drenched soil could speak, it might say something similar.  To call our añejo anything but Madera—wood in Spanish—would be to forget what happened over those months. It was wood, slow and wise and deliberate, that lent its color and its sweet and fragrant notes to the blanco as it went through the ebbs and flows of nearly two years. It's hard to quantify it all but it's there, like a soul. It's a tequila not for loud nights or making an entrance; it's a tequila to place on the table between friends new and old, and to share with those stories that announce themselves quietly, but we can never seem to forget. 


Madera was created from a desire to celebrate the quiet and still moments of reflection on a life well lived. To bring together friends who appreciate the accomplishment of time.



The bottle is sustainable, recycled glass crafted by Mexican artisans. To elevate the experience of drinking or gifting, the bottle is set into a handmade and engraved case.



Madera is a sipping tequila and presents a dry fruit and light butterscotch nose with a balanced cinnamon- toffee finish.


Madera begins with the unique blend of highland and lowland agaves that won Nosotros Blanco the award for World’s Best Tequila at the San Francisco International Spirits Competition. Using no additives, sustainable farming practices, and only 100% mature Blue Weber agaves creates the magnificent tequila which begins the journey to become Nosotros Madera.


A single leather black ribbon around the bottle's neck pays homage to the farms in Portrero Negro where the highland agaves are sourced. The lowland agaves are harvested in Santa Teresa where trees surround the fields, symbolized by the stand at the base of the bottle hand-crafted from wood.  


Madera rests for 21 months in white oak, using a blend of pipon and barrel style aging, guided by the hands of Maestra Tequillera Citlali Ovalle, one of the first and only female master distillers in Jalisco. 


Madera is best enjoyed in a tulip-shaped glass that will concentrate the aromas if taken neat or a lowball glass with a single rock of ice. It pairs well with rich meats like ribeye, duck, or beef ribs. Also, don’t hesitate to pour it with dark chocolate, aged cheese, barbecue, or nuts—especially pecans and black walnuts.

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