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Our CEO, Carlos Soto, is a Costa Rican native whose passion for the environment and sustainability has remained a core pillar of Nosotros as the brand has grown. While sustainability is core to our brand, we know that there is more for us to learn each day and that we will never reach perfection. We will strive for it every day, but know that as our world changes, there will always be more that can be done. Our commitment as a sustainable brand is to learn, try new things, and remain innovative in our approach to making the world a more responsible place. 

Where we come from


The largest leap we have taken in our sustainability efforts is our shift to bottling our products in 100% recycled glass bottles. While this route is more costly for the brand, the cost of the environment means far more to us, so we are committed to pouring every dollar necessary into producing the most sustainable bottles possible. This shift aids our sustainability goals by removing millions of pounds of glass waste from landfills, emitting lower CO2 levels, reducing air pollution, and decreasing production resources, which will help make our world a healthier place for years to come. Along with this shift, we hope to continue improving all of our packagings in ways that will lessen the impact we make on the environment

100% Recycled Glass


We are committed to empowering the women in our community. Our distillery, Destiladora Del Valle, located in Tequila, Mexico, is female-owned and operated, which is something we take pride in each and every day.  As our brand continues to grow, we are seeking more opportunities to highlight women in our community who are making an impact and sparking change. 

Women Empowerment


Most recently, we partnered with the Toucan Rescue Ranch in Costa Rica to donate a percentage of proceeds and raise awareness about the work that they are doing to rehabilitate toucans. We made this partnership decision surrounding World Wildlife Day 2022 because a core aspect of our imagery is the Nosotros Toucan. The Nosotros Toucan represents our Costa Rican and Mexican roots and spirit, with a special hint of California found in its wing. Simply designed yet rich with the power of storytelling, the Nosotros Toucan encompasses who we are and the stories that we have to tell. 


We also partner with EcoDrive to donate funds from all of our online purchases to offset our carbon emissions from shipping our products. The EcoDrive extension attached to online purchases made through our site helps calculate the carbon emissions of each shipment, to inform how many trees need to be planted in order to offset those emissions. 


In the early days of Nosotros, we did a one-year partnership with Waves for Water (W4W) to help them on their mission to correct the imbalances of access to water in developing communities around the world. Partnering with W4W helped us begin to hone in on how we could help the community and support causes that we believe in, which has remained a core part of our mission. 



In order to practice sustainable farming, we only harvest mature agaves when producing our tequila and mezcal. Our 50/50 Highland and Lowland blend agave allows for regeneration of the agave crops so that the plant can continue to reproduce and thrive in its native land. Our 50/50 agave blend also allows us to practice crop rotation, the intentional planting of crops in different areas of the field in different seasons. Some of the benefits of crop rotation include increasing soil fertility, nutrition, and structure, reducing pollution, increasing crop yield, reducing soil erosion, and limiting pests and diseases invading the crops. 

Sustainable Farming


Founded by a Costa Rican native, creating equal job opportunities for members of our community is central to our DNA at Nosotros.

Latino Owned
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